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Threat Problem

Stolen credentials. Rogue users. Careless employees. They all amount to one thing: insider threats. When legitimate accounts are abused or compromised, their behavior changes. Traditional security solutions don’t see it. Fortscale does.

User & Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) for Insider Threat Detection:

It’s Not Magic, it’s Just Really Good Math

Many UEBA solutions are primarily rules-engines with machine learning capabilities layered on top, limiting the threats they can identify to those that they can write a rule for, hindering scalability, and contributing to the noise of a SOC. Fortscale is not just another rules-engine. Fortscale has been designed from the ground up as a machine learning system that uses advanced computing and mathematics to detect abnormal account behavior indicative of credential compromise or abuse.

No rules to write. No limits on what Fortscale can find.

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