Presidio™ – The Industry’s First Embedded UEBA Engine

February 27, 2017 by Fortscale


I’m thrilled to write to you today about Fortscale’s new product offering called Presidio.

This new product is the industry’s first embeddable User & Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) engine. It enables security vendors to
easily incorporate Fortscale’s advanced behavioral analytics engine into their security platforms. EDR, EPP, DLP, SIEM, NAC and other security vendors can embed Presidio within their security tools. This enables security vendors to easily provide their customers with native behavior based analytics regarding the activities of
users and entities in their networks – and provide risk based, and not rule based, detection or investigation

This is the first time an advanced, industry-leading UEBA engine has been made available to the industry at large.

Presidio is a game-changing development. Enterprises of all sizes will benefit from having advanced user behavior analytics available within the security tools they already have in place. With Presidio natively embedded in their current security infrastructure, end customers get the full benefit of the context and insights that behavioral analytics provide, without having to deploy and manage another product. Presidio can instantly upgrade a company’s security infrastructure and products with machine-learning analytics.

For smaller organizations, it’s generally not practical to run an on-site security operations center where UEBA activities have traditionally been handled. These companies can now enjoy the benefits of UEBA simply by turning on Presidio within their existing firewall. This is a very valuable capability for smaller organizations.

Presidio provides a number of benefits and features including:

  • Enhanced accuracy in pinpointing the most meaningful threats – Presidio adds risk-based anomalous behavior to systems that are usually rule-based and heuristic-based.
  • Expanded visibility into user behavior and related threats/attacks – Presidio goes well beyond traditional security solutions that offer visibility into devices and machine activity, offering unprecedented visibility and investigation capabilities into user-related attacks and threats.
  • Adds new user-related threats use cases to all security solutions – Presidio provides unparalleled insight into insider threats and compromised users across an enterprise’s entire security infrastructure.
  • Leverages Fortscale’s proprietary UEBA engine – Named a 2016 Gartner “Cool Vendor” for UEBA, Fortscale’s award-winning UEBA engine provides the intelligence needed to put the activity in context and instantly determine what level of risk it represents.

Over the coming years, it’s only natural that many of today’s security products will continue to converge.  With Presidio, Fortscale is at the forefront of the convergence of UEBA capabilities. We anticipate tremendous growth and success in this area.

We remain very excited about our continued efforts to sell Fortscale directly through our channel partners. At the same time, we look forward to the additional opportunities that presidio will provide as security vendors enable their products with UEBA.

I’m very proud of Fortscale’s team in continuing to lead the security industry.

Yona Hollander Fortscale COO & Co-founder


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