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We Were Born to Secure

With decades of cybersecurity experience, we’ve seen firsthand how overwhelmed and underprepared organizations are to identify and stop insider threats. Sure, they may get alerts on suspicious activity. But those alerts only lead to more questions – What’s important? How does one alert relate to others? Which alert is actually a risk? It’s unsustainable. We recognized it would only get worse, unless we did something.

Luckily, we knew what to do to stop the madness. We knew that context would make all the difference. If the solutions within an organization’s security infrastructure had access to immediate insights into the risk-level and the historical and relational significance of activity in the environment, they could quickly and easily spot threats and shut them down. We set out to bring the best and brightest minds in cybersecurity, software programming, and machine learning together to build an analytics engine that could deliver the context that’s so sorely needed.

Our Difference

We spend all day and night obsessing over how to make your cybersecurity smarter, more adaptive, and more secure. It’s why we continue to push the limits of big data analytics and machine learning to immediately assimilate variables and changes in the environment and automate analysis to deliver the most accurate, real-time risk-based information available to improve the effectiveness of your security infrastructure.

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With our SMART Kits you get:

Embeddable Engine

The Fortscale engine can be integrated into your SOC or existing security devices (SIEM, DLP, CASB, Firewall, EDR/EPP, etc.) to add real-time contextual awareness of what’s going on in the environment, so threats can be quickly identified and remediated to improve your security stance.

Patented SMART Alerts™

With a single, actionable alert, Fortscale gives you (or your security devices) all the contextual information needed to quickly understand and then address a threat in your environment.

Extreme Processing

The Fortscale engine can quickly process days, weeks, months, quarters, even years’ worth of data to accurately identify behavioral changes that can occur over long periods of time to uncover stealthy, prolonged insider attacks that often go undetected by traditional security devices.

Visibility into Prolonged Attacks

Processing days, weeks, months, quarters, even years’ worth of data to accurately identify behavioral changes that can occur over long periods of time. As a result, you can uncover lengthy attack campaigns that have been lurking in your environment, going undetected by traditional detection systems.


Awards won by the Fortscale team:

Meet the Fortscale Team

Idan Tendler

CEO & Co-founder

Dr. Yona Hollander

COO & Co-founder

Tomer Fuss

VP of Product Management

Tzlil Peker

VP Finance

Ophir Rachman

CTO & VP Research & Development

Sai Venkataraman

VP, Business Development

Idan Peretz

Director Of Engineering

Shay Menaia

Director Of Engineering



Steve Katz

Executive Advisor to Deloitte; Former CISO of Citibank, Jp Morgan, Merrill Lynch & Interim CISO of Kaiser Permanente

Kobi Lechner

VP Security at Wix.com

Jochanan Sommerfeld

CEO of Comsec Group

Professor Yuval Elovici

Head Of Technical Advisory Board | Head Of Deutsche Telekom Cyber Labs @ Ben-Gurion University

Patrick Heim

Operating Partner & CISO of Clearsky Security, ex Head of Trust & Security at Dropbox and SVP Security & Trust at Salesforce

David Hannigan

MVP, Security Engineering and Application Security, Capital One

Sathvik Krishnamurthy

‪Entrepreneur. Company builder. Advisor, Former ceo of voltage security (acquired by hpe)

Ori Mendelson

‪Product Strategy Advisor


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