Fortscale Presidio™

The Context and Insights to make Smarter, Better Security Decisions

Supercharging Security

Fortscale Presidio™ is a plug-in that can be natively embedded by security infrastructure solutions to deliver the visibility and risk-based analysis they need to make better, smarter security decisions.

Leveraging the engine from Fortscale’s award-winning user and entity behavioral analytics (UEBA) platform, Presidio enables SIEM, EDR/EPP, DLP, CASB, IAM and other security infrastructure vendors to quickly and simply incorporate real-time, risk-based intelligence on the activity of users and entities within the customer’s environment to enhance their own analysis and security enforcement.

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Industry's First Embeddable Behavior Analytics (UEBA) Engine for Security

Optimize Your Value

Adding native behavioral analytics to your own analysis to enhance your visibility, improve alerts accuracy, and support decision-making to strengthen security.

Understand Insider Threats

Advanced machine learning analytics provide real-time risk profiles that improve your ability to identify and mitigate the impact of insider threats.

Reduce Attack Surface

Add riskbased user visibility to your security platform to support the automatic adoption of policies and enforcement to address real-time risk levels.

Streamline Management

Ensuring you have all the contextual and actionable data you need to support automation and increase the efficiency and productivity.

More Intelligent Behavior Analytics Security

Presidio was designed to be easily embedded into SIEM, EDR/EPP, CASB, DLP, IAM and other security infrastructure devices. For each vendor, Presidio provides customizable data models, behavioral capabilities and application program interfaces (APIs) designed to make integration simple and effective.

Presidio can natively take any data from any vendor and produce insights that strengthen their ability to deliver better, more intelligent security – it simply becomes part of the solution.

SMART Kits – Canned Analytics for Immediate Value

Security solutions can quickly embed the Fortscale Presidio SMART Kits into their native operations to add behavioral analytics exactly how and where they need it. The SMART Kits are optimized to address specific security issues, such as reducing alert noise, uncovering anomalous authentications, identifying suspicious file access, uncovering risky Active Directory, database, email, cloud or VPN activity, etc. A security solution can pick and choose the SMART Kits they want to integrate to best improve their visibility and automate the detection and remediation of threats.

Key Features & Capabilities

Data Processing

Fortscale ingests days, weeks, months, or even years’ worth of data from any source (detection devices, user repositories, or other feeds), and identifies behavioral changes and threats in the data that other solutions miss.

Create Enrichment

Enrichment uses big data analysis to autonomously create multi-dimensional activity baselines for all entities – users, devices, applications, entitlements, etc. – to provide visibility into who is doing what within mission-critical resources.

Behavioral Modeling & Analysis

Machine Learning looks at behavioral similarities between users, devices, and applications and identify outliers, both negative and positive. Based on current and historical patterns, Presidio can also make logical assumptions around what to expect that minimize any alarms around “normal” changes in activity.

Threat Indicators

Threat Indicators identify the real-time risk of specific activity, based on the continuous, multi-factor analysis of human actors, device actors, accounts, locations, applications, specific operations, entitlements, etc. to support more dynamic enforcement of security policies.

Patented SMART Alerts™

Pinpoint high-priority anomalies. Fortscale provides the contextual information needed to effectively address threats, in priority order, within the environment, while prioritizing the most significant advanced threats and risks.


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