Presidio as a Service

Supercharging your cloud-based security offering by natively adding advanced behavior analytics

The Industry’s First Embeddable, Cloud-Based Behavioral Analytics Service

Fortscale has done it again – introducing groundbreaking innovations that make behavioral analytics accessible to all.  Fortscale’s Presidio as a Service is the first behavioral analytics service that can be embedded within any cloud application, service or platform to enhance the capabilities and value of that service. Finally, vendors that provide cloud-based services can quickly and simply add the visibility and insights they need to help their customers uncover advanced threats and make smarter, better security decisions.

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Enhancing the Value of Cloud-Based Applications On Prem Services and Platforms

Enhances Capabilities

Natively adding behavioral analytics to the cloud service’s operations to improve its overall intelligence and support the orchestration of effective security controls and policies.

Uncovers Advanced Security Threats

Delivering assessments of the potential impact and risk of user and entity activity to identify insider threats, compromised user credentials and data exfiltration.

Improves Enforcement

Providing all the contextual, actionable information needed to automate responses that mitigate real-time threats.

Streamlines Management

Making it easy to get all the benefits of behavioral analytics, without any up-front infrastructure or expertise requirements.

Use Cases

Cloud Activity Behavior Analytics

The service provides visibility into cloud activity - monitoring, tracking and analyzing the logs of cloud apps to identify potentially malicious anomalies that indicate data exfiltration attempts, credential compromises, malicious insiders, brute force attacks, etc. to ensure cloud environments aren’t the weakest link in a customer’s security posture.

Authentication Behavior Analytics

The service provides immediate visibility into suspicious behaviors that indicate credentials have been compromised or a brute force attack is underway. As a result, immediate action can be taken to contain any damage and remediate all impacted systems to eliminate the threat.

File Access Behavior Analytics

The service uncovers data exfiltration, leakage and snooping, so it can be quickly and efficiently shut down to protect the privacy and integrity of the customer’s data and support their security and compliance objectives.

Remote Access/VPN Behavior Analytics

The service operationalizes the unique ability to identify suspicious access from a remote location, shared/compromised credentials, brute force attacks, etc., so further action can be taken to investigate and remediate attacks, as necessary.

Database Access Behavior Analytics

The service can uncover unauthorized access and suspicious activity within a database that indicates someone is snooping or stealing data. It provides the intelligence needed to respond to and diffuse the threat.

Key Features and Capabilities

Multi-Tenancy & Security

Providers of cloud services can quickly and easily offer customers the predictive, risk-based insights they want – single, secure instance for each customer.

Big Data Processing

The service can process any amount of data from any source in the cloud to identify behavioral changes and threats that might otherwise be missed.

Behavioral Modeling & Analysis

The service leverages predictive machine learning to identify anomalies in user, device, application, etc. behavior that represent a risk to the customer

Patented SMART Alerts™

Pinpoint high-priority anomalies. Fortscale provides the contextual information needed to effectively address threats, in priority order, within the environment, while prioritizing the most significant advanced threats and risks.

Support of Remediation Orchestration

The service identifies the real-time risk level of activity to support more dynamic enforcement of security policies and controls.

Autonomous Analysis

The service autonomously creates multi-dimensional activity baselines for all entities – users, devices, applications, entitlements, etc. – to provide visibility into who is doing what within the environment.


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