Fortscale Embedded Analytics Selected by Quest Software to Provide Threat Detection Capabilities


Fortscale will embed its advanced behavior analytics engine in Quest’s Change Auditor Platform, improving the overall security posture of Quest’s flagship solution.

San Francisco, CA, Sep 25, 2017 Fortscale Security Ltd. the pioneer in embeddable behavioral analytics, announced that Quest Software has selected Fortscale to provide threat detection capabilities to Quest customers—empowering them to make better, quicker, and easier security decisions. Quest announced this new partnership during Microsoft Ignite in Florida.

Fortscale’s award-winning UEBA (User and Entity Behavior Analytics) solutions combine advanced machine learning and big data analytics, enabling organizations to rapidly detect and respond to malicious user behavior. With no rules or thresholds to define or manage, Fortscale’s out-of-the box capabilities turn alerts, logs, and environmental data into actionable, risk-based intelligence that make it easy to pinpoint and prioritize threats like system and account compromises, data leaks, and insider abuse.

Earlier in 2017, Fortscale launched its new offering, Presidio, the industry’s first embedded UEBA engine that natively expands capabilities of existing security solutions. Presidio leverages Fortscale’s award-winning UEBA platform for insider threat detection to enable security and IT vendors to quickly and simply incorporate advanced behavioral analytics into their security platforms.

Quest’s flagship security and compliance solution, Change Auditor, helps organizations easily detect, alert, analyze, remediate and prevent insider attacks and accidental changes, across Microsoft on-premises, hybrid and cloud environments. A central console eliminates the need and complexity for multiple IT audit solutions across on-premises and cloud-based environments.

To further help customers secure their AD environment, Quest has selected Presidio, the analytics engine from Fortscale, to add robust threat detection capabilities to Change Auditor. Presidio’s threat detection technology generates typical user behavior models and combs through hundreds of millions of events to pin-point potential external attacks and internal rogue users, allowing companies to react quickly to potential threats as well as maintain security and compliance.

“Quest is a true leader in our industry, and Fortscale is delighted to partner with them and add Threat Detection to their customer and client base” said Idan Tendler, co-founder and CEO at Fortscale. “By leveraging our proven and embeddable UEBA technology, Quest is providing significant value to their customers. We anticipate the partnership growing and enabling thousands of enterprises and organizations to benefit from enhanced security capabilities.”

“With Fortscale’s Presidio capabilities, Quest will bolster the Change Auditor solution, adding richer threat detection capabilities that will arm IT teams with an even stronger security footprint”, said Brad Kirby, VP of Product Management at Quest. “We are excited for this partnership and for the significant value it brings to our customers”.

About Fortscale Security Ltd.

Fortscale provides real-time visibility into the actions of users and entities in your environment and uncovers insider threats by identifying unusual behaviors that pose a risk to your business. Combining predictive, big data analytics and advanced machine learning, the Fortscale User and Entity Behavioral Analytics (UEBA) engine can be deployed as a stand-alone solution optimized for security operations centers (SOCs), or natively embedded in security infrastructure solutions – SIEM, EDR, EPP, CASB, DLP, IAM – to improve risk analysis and decision-making. Upon deployment, Fortscale starts processing user and entity data from throughout your security infrastructure, autonomously modeling behaviors, and quickly and accurately identifying anomalous, risky activity to uncover insider threats. Backed by Intel Capital, Blumberg Capital, Swarth Group, CME Ventures, Evolution Equity and Valor Capital, Fortscale’s insider threat solution lowers analyst stress-levels and improves your security posture overall.

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