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Fortscale is eager to work with partners to ensure decisions and enforcement throughout the security infrastructure is based on real-time risk levels. Fortscale adds the contextual intelligence needed to understand the risks posed by specific user and entity activities, so that smarter, better policies and decisions can be made to improve the overall security stance of an organization.

Presidio Partners

Fortscale works with technology vendors to natively embed behavioral
intelligence into their solutions. For example, we are working with:

Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM)
Systems to provide new investigative capabilities that help uncover insider threats. Presidio enriches the data with embedded behavioral analytics and real-time risk scores on users and entities that replace rule-based correlation engines to improve detection accuracy.
Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)/Endpoint Protection Platform (EPP)
Solutions to expand their visibility into the malicious behaviors of users, leveraging best-of-breed machine learning to identify risky activity and insider threats.
Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)
Gateways to add visibility into the activity of users within the enterprise and provide behavioral analytics that enable them to better understand and prioritize events, threats and risks.
Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
Solutions to enhance their ability to identify internal threats, adding machine learning and advanced investigation capabilities that dramatically improve the accuracy and relevancy of their alerts.
Identity and Access Management (IAM)
Solutions to help them adjust entitlements and enforcement based on real-time user/entity risk assessments and intelligence to minimize the attack surface, as well as risk based policy adjustments.

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Technology Partners

Fortscale is part of an ecosystem of leading security vendors committed to improving the value customers receive from their security deployments, including:

Solution/Channel Partners

Fortscale has a number of go-to-market partners that work with customers to help them make the most of their security investments, including:

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