Fortscale Behavior Analytics

Award-Winning Platform

Uncover and Shut Down Insider Threats

Fortscale delivers the intelligence needed to detect risks posed by different users and entities, so critical resources can be protected and appropriate controls implemented to improve an organization’s security stance. Unlike other solutions that rely on predefined rules, Fortscale combines predictive, big data analytics with advanced machine learning to accurately uncover real-time security risks. There are no limits – with selftuning anomaly detection that accurately identifies risks in an organization’s unique environment, security analysts have all they need to quickly identify and shut down attacks.

Fortscale UEBA for SOC

Add risk-based behavioral analytics to improve the ability of your security analysts to uncover and shut down insider threats, now.

Fortscale Presidio for Security Vendors

The first UEBA engine that can be easily embedded within your solutions, to improve their alert accuracy, threat intelligence, and overall security.

Fortscale offers a stand-alone UEBA platform for organizations that want to add user and entity intelligence to their SOC and a plug-in UEBA engine that can be embedded by vendors to improve their ability to detect and respond to cyber threats.