Quest Software has embedded Fortscale’s UEBA

Quest Software has Embedded Presidio

Quest Software has embedded Presidio, Fortscale’s embedded UEBA engine, within their security and compliance solution, Change Auditor.

Quest customers will benefit from Presidio’s ability to comb through hundreds of millions of events to generate typical user behavior models. Customers will also be able to use Presidio to identify anomalies in normal behavior that may indicate potential threats posed by external attackers and internal rogue users.

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More Intelligent Behavior Analytics Security

Seamlessly deploy a single solution that can immediately deliver value

Avoid writing rules and not incur customization related overhead

Accurately identify and understand the threats in their environment

Prioritize activity for better resource utilization and security outcomes

Key Features and Capabilities

Multi-Tenancy & Security

Providers of cloud services can quickly and easily offer customers the predictive, risk-based insights they want – single, secure instance for each customer.

Big Data Processing

The service can process any amount of data from any source in the cloud to identify behavioral changes and threats that might otherwise be missed.

Behavioral Modeling & Analysis

The service leverages predictive machine learning to identify anomalies in user, device, application, etc. behavior that represent a risk to the customer

Patented SMART Alerts™

Pinpoint high-priority anomalies. Fortscale provides the contextual information needed to effectively address threats, in priority order, within the environment, while prioritizing the most significant advanced threats and risks.

Support of Remediation Orchestration

The service identifies the real-time risk level of activity to support more dynamic enforcement of security policies and controls.

Autonomous Analysis

The service autonomously creates multi-dimensional activity baselines for all entities – users, devices, applications, entitlements, etc. – to provide visibility into who is doing what within the environment.


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