Insider Threat Detection
The Fortscale Advantage

Proven User Behavior Analytics to
Thwart Insider Threats—Faster, Easier & Far More
Effectively Than any Other Solution. Period.

It’s true. Over 82% of all data breaches result from malicious insiders or external hackers using compromised user credentials.

Your investment in traditional enterprise security solutions was supposed to make your organization safe through both outsider and insider threat detection—that is, identifying and preventing unauthorized access to corporate applications and resources while ensuring that only legitimate members of your workforce were allowed access to your network.

The problem? Existing security solutions are not effective at stopping malicious users with legitimate user credentials. Rogue employees and hackers with stolen user credentials have become adept at gaining access to corporate resources. Once inside your network they are virtually invisible to your security infrastructure, and as a result, the number of successful data breaches and cyber-attacks continues to grow—with devastating results. Until now.

Enter: Fortscale

Only Fortscale’s award-winning UBA solutions combine expertise from the Israeli Defense Force’s elite security unit, advanced machine learning, and big data analytics to create a solution that provides rapid detection and response to malicious user behaviors that truly matter—with an eye toward thwarting and preventing headline-grabbing data breaches.

Plus, only Fortscale automatically and dynamically analyzes real-time and historic user behavior to identify and prioritize the highest-risk user access and activities associated with applications, devices, and services on your network.

Now you’ll be able to stop insider threats faster and more effectively than ever before.


Advanced User Behavior Analytics

Dramatically Reduce Data Breaches & Cyber Attacks

Only Fortscale’s adaptive, multi-dimensional approach, unmatched user intelligence, and easy-to-use investigation tools give security teams an ever-increasing degree of context and accuracy to enable simpler, smarter security operations. Finally, you’ll have the insight and agility you need to easily and rapidly identify threats, accelerate investigations and neutralize security threats like never before possible.

Automatically Discover Attackers and Rogue Employees

Business rules? Who needs ‘em? Only Fortscale’s advanced machine learning automatically analyzes per-user and peer-group behaviors across dynamic timeframes and 50 statistical categories to rapidly pinpoint anomalies you know to watch for—and even those you don’t. Instantly detect insider attacks, compromised credentials, and suspicious access to sensitive data.

Assess Prioritized Alerts & Investigate Them In Minutes

Cut through thousands of potential threats and make security teams more effective by quickly highlighting abnormal user behavior. Only Fortscale scores risks and delivers prioritized basic alerts to any syslog interface. And for more threatening activities that require more robust analysis, this intelligence can be delivered through our elegant, intuitive Fortscale interface. Finally, security analysts can quickly focus teams on the most important tasks. All while inputting feedback into a simple, intuitive interface to refine prioritization over time.

Leverage & Optimize Your Existing Security Infrastructure

Say goodbye to disconnected data silos. Through tight integration with Splunk, McAfee Nitro, and most SIEM solutions, our extensible analytics engine and exclusive Hadoop-based architecture enable Fortscale to analyze hundreds of millions of access events across any enterprise application and turn a voluminous amount of historic and real-time log data into actionable intelligence from day one.


See What Attackers Are Doing in Your Network


Scan and gather information within the enterprise that can help promoting the attack’s objectives 


Obtain privileges and set mechanisms to ensure the continuity of the attack campaign 

Lateral Movement

Proceed inside and outside the network towards the target resources that enable accomplishing the attack objectives by changing identities, elevating privileges and gaining access to different assets/resources

Data Exfiltration and Extraction

Extract the information gathered throughout the attack campaign outside the enterprise network 

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