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A Dynamic Business Needs Dynamic Security

It’s never been more difficult, or more important, to keep track of what’s going on in your environment. Many organizations have thousands or even millions of alerts each day, and it can be difficult to know which ones require investigation. Fortscale’s unsupervised machine learning automatically prioritizes the alerts you really need to investigate. Our platform works out of the box - no customization, no rules. Fortscale can minimize the noise level, with SMART Alerts™ that make it easy to spot, understand and focus resources on the threats that require action and attention.

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Fortscale Presidio

If you are a SIEM, EDR/EPP, DLP, NW, Web, CASB, IAM, or other security vendor looking to enhance your ability to detect and respond to cyber threats, you want Presidio, which is the industry's first embeddable UEBA engine.

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Fortscale UEBA for SOCs

If you want to add user and entity intelligence to your SOC to improve your ability to identity risks, contain them, and much more – you want our stand-alone UEBA for SOC platform, which is guaranteed to deliver results.

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Benefits of the Fortscale Engine

Adding Context

Providing best-of-breed behavioral analytics to improve visibility, increase alerts accuracy, and support decision-making to strengthen security.

Detect Insider Threats

Enhancing rule- and threshold-based analysis with advanced machine learning analytics to provide user and entity intelligence and real-time risk profiles that identify and mitigate the impact of insider threats.

Identifying Real-Time Risk Levels

Leveraging behavioral intelligence to add risk-based user visibility to security platforms to support the automatic adaption of policies and enforcement to address real-time risk levels.

Streamlining Management

Ensuring contextual and actionable data is available to support automation and increase the overall efficiency and productivity of the security infrastructure.

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