Employee Departure
and Data Exfiltration

Departing Employee

The Business Challenge

Employee departure may pose a security threat as employees prepare to leave. It’s critical to safeguard the organization against data exfiltration, especially if the employee has become disgruntled.

Few, If Any, Tools Designed to Easily Monitor Departing Employees

Even though employee departure frequently carries a high risk of data exfiltration and even sabotage, there are few, if any, tools designed to easily monitor their actions and detect suspicious behavior. Security personnel must generally manually monitor logs, which is a cumbersome process and rarely done.

Fortscale Can Easily Monitor Departing Employees

Fortscale’s advanced user behavior analytics monitors departing employees using custom tags. This enables stricter risk monitoring during employee departures, tracking corporate resource usage and providing the ability to detect behavioral anomalies that indicate data exfiltration, sabotage, or other security violations.

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