Data Snooping,
Malicious Insider

Snooping User

The Business Challenge

In search of sensitive or valuable data, snooping users—malicious insiders and rogue outsiders, for example—scan corporate systems hoping to find and access information they can sell or use for their own gain.

Standard Security Tools Will Not Detect Snooping Users

As long as malicious insiders and external hackers continue probing for data with their authorized access rights, and given their provision of valid user credentials, their actions will not trigger any network alert. In fact, in most environments they can literally access every resource they have access to. This makes it very difficult—if not impossible—for security personnel to detect a forthcoming breach from snooping users.

How Fortscale Identifies an Approaching Data Theft

Fortscale’s advanced analytics establish a baseline of normal behavior for each user account. If at some point the account is used to access any resource outside of the norm, whether authorized or not, all such events are monitored and analyzed against related actions and the full context of the user’s behavior—triggering high-risk alerts that could indicate malicious insiders or external hackers.

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