Exfiltration and Data
Extraction Attempts

Exfiltration Attempts

The Business Challenge

Data exfiltration is one of the biggest concerns within many organizations. At Fortscale, we’ve seen how data extraction techniques evolve. Detecting data leaks has become more difficult as additional technologies and methods to transfer data emerge.

Security Teams Need Help Detecting Data Extraction

Security personnel are tasked with preventing data exfiltration, but find it difficult to keep up with all of the various methods available to transfer data. Relying on bandwidth usage helps, but it’s clear that more effective tools are needed. That’s where Fortscale comes in.

How Fortscale Can Help Detect Data Exfiltration

Fortscale leverages a set of related parameters to establish a data usage baseline for each user. With each data extraction attempt, normal data usage patterns are analyzed. Anomalous usage behaviors trigger an alert including all the relevant data that suggests a data leak has occurred.

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