Network Misconfiguration

The Business Challenge

Human error can cause security misconfigurations that allow individuals or entire security-enabled access groups to reach applications and data that they should not be able to access.

Validating Security Configurations is Often Onerous and Manual

To configure networks properly and verify that all security settings are as they should be is generally a manual and burdensome activity, and one that is very time consuming. As such, it’s frequently neglected, leaving the potential for serious security implications.

How Fortscale Detects Network Misconfigurations

Fortscale detects misconfigurations by identifying anomalies among anomalies. These unique types of threat indicators represent situations that happen very rarely, if ever, implying that the event is not supposed to happen at all. For example, if a human resource staff member accessed sensitive engineering designs, it’s a clear indication that the security controls are not configured properly.

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