Geolocation and Remote
Access Security

Suspicious Geolocation Sequence

The Business Challenge

When individuals attempt to gain access from remote locations, enterprises need to determine if they are legitimate users or remote attackers who have managed to obtain valid user credentials.

Security Personnel Need to Know Location Behavior

Many users work from multiple remote locations such as their homes, hotels, airport kiosks, satellite offices, and even from customer locations. Without knowing each user’s location behavior, security systems must either allow broad access from remote locations—thus allowing high-risk access sessions —or limit remote access and risk disrupting legitimate users.


Fortscale Differentiates Between Malicious and Legitimate Geolocations

Fortscale uses advanced user behavior analytics and machine learning to establish a baseline of normal geolocation patterns for each account holder. When access is attempted from a location that fits the normal pattern, entry can be granted with a high degree of confidence. However, if access is from a location that doesn’t fit the normal behavior, Fortscale triggers an alert with all supporting information to quickly understand if a geolocation sequence anomaly has occurred.

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