Third-Party Access
Data Compromise

Third-Party Access Compromise

The Business Challenge

Contractors, business partners, and other service providers often have access to sensitive corporate data. However, they are not usually subject to the same security practices and policies as the hosting enterprise they work with. This commonly seen situation leads to security gaps that are not attended to in commonly used remote access solutions.

Security Personnel Lack the Tools Needed to Monitor Third Parties

Enterprises are rarely able to control the security of their contractors and partners, and often lack the tools necessary to determine the full context for their behavior. This makes it impossible to adequately monitor the actions of third parties and detect when they’ve been compromised.

Fortscale Detects Third Parties and Any Anomalous Behavior

Fortscale’s advanced user behavior analytics includes the capability to detect third-party accounts and tag them as such. This enables stricter risk monitoring of their corporate resource usage and provides the ability to detect anomalies in their behavior that indicate compromised security.

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