Credentials Compromised on the DARKNET

Detecting Credentials Compromised on the DARKNET

A Thieving Market for User Credentials

According to Gartner VP Distinguished Analyst, Avivah Litan, employees selling their own credentials on the Darknet is becoming an immense concern for CISOs. Specially, disgruntled employees and former employees at companies developing valuable intellectual property, could easily become motivated to share their trusted credentials, for a quick profit. This is a huge concern for enterprises and law enforcement, due to the overwhelming challenges monitoring online black markets.



How Fortscale Detects Credentials Compromised on the Darknet

Fortscale consumes external threat feeds that roam the Darknet in search for compromised enterprise usernames and passwords. Administrator and Executive credentials are a high valued target for attackers, seeking to safely authenticate into a network. When a monitored enterprise credential is identified on the Darknet, it is instantly streamlined into Fortscale and is correlated with risky behavior found within the corporate environment. Fortscale alerts SOC analysts that a trusted user’s credential was found and was possibly abused by a malicious actor.

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