Integrates Adaptive Responses to Prevent Threats

No Rules - No Limits.

Fortscale UEBA for SOC makes the lives of your security analysts easier, uncovering insider threats and cutting through the ‘alert’ noise to pinpoint the risky activity that needs your attention. As the industry’s first, pure-play machine learning UEBA solution, Forscale UEBA for SOC is the first solution that can seamlessly integrate with your environment and start providing value, immediately.

It takes any data on any user, device, app, and entity and starts making sense of it. The advanced machine learning and predictive analysis can not only accurately identify when something is anomalous, but also whether that anomaly is significant and represents a risk to your organization. There are no rules, no hassles, no limits.

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Fortscale UEBA for SOC at Work

We make it quick and easy for you to add the behavior analytics you need to improve your visibility with Fortscale UEBA for SOC. As soon as it is deployed, the Fortscale user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA) engine can start:

With Fortscale you get:

Ingesting all your data

Fortscale ingests weeks, months, even years’ worth of data on any entity – user, device, app, process, file, etc. – and starts to make sense of it.

Analyzing all your data

Fortscale uses advanced machine learning and predictive big data analysis to dynamically identify behavioral changes or policy violations – based on Insights NOT Rules.

Forwarding alerts

Fortscale can forward its SMART Alerts™ to your existing security solutions, so you can maximize the effectiveness of your existing security investments and consume threat insights through a single pane of glass.

Enriching all your data

Fortscale automatically creates multi-dimensional activity baselines that put every action in context.

Defining real-time risks in your environment

Fortscale determines the real-time risk-level of specific behaviors—pinpointing critical threats by analyzing all related data and associated activities.

Monitoring your environment

Fortscale continuously monitors the activity in your environment, modifying its baselines and improving its analysis, based on changing real-time conditions.

Delivering smart alerts for fast responses

Fortscale’s patented SMART Alerts™ provide actionable insights, in comprehensive one-click investigations that give analysts everything they need to validate and remediate a breach.

Detecting Credentials Compromised on the Darknet

Fortscale consumes external threat feeds that roam the Darknet in search for compromised enterprise usernames and passwords. When a monitored enterprise credential is identified on the Darknet, it is instantly streamed into Fortscale and is correlated with risky behavior found within the corporate environment. Fortscale alerts SOC analysts that a trusted user’s credential was found and was possibly abused by a malicious actor.


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