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The Difference Behavioral Analytics Can Make

When dealing with the highly sophisticated cyberattacks targeting organizations today, time is of the essence. The faster threats are identified, the faster they can be shut down. Identification that leads to swift remediation, however, is tricky. Its more than being able to spot something suspicious – it requires understanding the intent of that suspicious activity.

Behavioral analytics delivers the context needed to quickly determine whether anomalous activity is normal or risky. It provides a clear view of what’s happening, so better decisions can be made and enforcement can be adjusted to swiftly contain and eliminate threats.

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The Fortscale Advantage

Fortscale’s user and entity behavioral analytics cuts through the alert noise to accurately pinpoint the risks to an organization. With proprietary machine learning and predictive big data analytics, Fortscale exposes the intent and threat-level of anomalous activity – there are no rules or thresholds to define, simply out-of-the box intelligence that can take all the alerts, logs and data in the environment and turn it into actionable, risk-based insights.

Fortscale Was Named CRN 2017 Emerging Vendors!

Adding Behavioral Analytics Has Never Been Easier.

As the industry’s only embeddable behavioral analytics engine, Fortscale delivers a turn-key OEM solution that can be quickly and easily integrated into security devices to improve their threat detection, decision-making and policy enforcement. With little effort, security devices gain big rewards. They get immediate access to the industry’s best real-time, risk-based behavioral analytics to streamline their ability to uncover and act to mitigate the impact of rogue users, stolen credentials and other insider threats.


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